Simultaneous Interpreting in Estonia (Conference Interpreting)

If you are organizing a multi-language conference, convention, seminar, training session or corporate event and would like to ensure maximum participant and presenter satisfaction then simultaneous interpreting is your best option in Estonia. Interpreters will be in a separate soundproof interpreting booth, two of them per language pair, and translate the presentation directly into listeners’ headphones in real time. In case several languages are required, the listeners will typically be able to select their preferred language on their headphones.


Conference interpreting is the most difficult job in our industry because the interpreter must be able to react very quickly and interpret the content of a speech or presentation with maximum accuracy. Thus, it is extremely important to select experienced and skilled interpreters for your event. If you decide to work with our translation agency, you will have some of the best professional Estonian interpreters at your disposal. These are highly experienced interpreters who are working on important high-level events in simultaneous interpreting in Estonia. We have interpreted many events ranging from large conferences in Tallinn where the president of Estonia spoke, to smaller corporate events, seminars, meetings and training sessions all over the Baltic states. Our goal is to ensure that your event is successful. We have obtained glowing positive feedback from the organizers we have worked with and the foreign guests and presenters we have helped.

Advantages of simultaneous interpreting

Conference interpreting is the most convenient way for organizing multi-language events so that presenters can speak their native language and listeners do not have to worry about missing any nuances due to the presenter talking in a foreign language. Foreign guests can participate equally in presentations and discussions through the help of professional interpreters.

Simultaneous conference interpretation equipment in Estonia

We provide state of the art interpretation equipment along with installation in Estonia. Normally the equipment required comprises sound reduction booths for interpreters and wireless transmitters and headsets used by the audience to listen in their preferred language. The number of working languages and listeners is unlimited. The conference interpretation equipment is compliant with European Union requirements. In addition, we offer portable whisper sets (tour guide sets) typically used for whispered interpreting or chuchotage but can also be used in settings with a lot of background noise.

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